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Have you lost a class yearbook?  Did you throw it away thinking you’d never want to see those embarrassing high school photos ever again?  A lot of people don’t recognize the value of a class yearbook until it’s too late.  It can be difficult to appreciate a class yearbook right away because the people, experience, and the memories are so new that who needs a book to memorialize everything when it is still fresh in your mind?  But then you get a notice for a reunion or an email from an old friend and you are hitting yourself for getting rid of that class yearbook.  Well, before you go crazy, there are still ways to find your old class yearbook. 

If you just want to browse through the class yearbook to refresh your memory on old friends and alumni, try contacting an old high school friend who might still have a copy of the yearbook.  You can probably go look at it together or request to borrow it for a week or two.  If you want to own your own class yearbook, contact your old high school or college to see if they have any leftover copies that they keep in their library.  You may be able to buy it from them!  The final place to look to buy a class yearbook is online.  Look at auction sites to see if someone is trying to sell a copy of your class yearbook.

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