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Looking for (and finding) old high school friends, alumni, and yearbooks can sometimes be a little bit tough. A lot of people do want to reconnect with their old school friends, but they're oftentimes scattered all over the place - both online and off. Luckily, there are a few different websites that are specifically geared to keeping school alumni in touch with each other and facilitating reunions.

It can be one of the most fulfilling life experiences to reunite with some old friends, exchange stories, and have an opportunity to look through some old yearbooks together. You just never know what friendship you'll be able to rekindle. The relationships we make during our school years are some of the deepest that we hold. High school certainly has it's ups and downs for everybody. And the people that we share those experiences with hold an irreplacable spot in our lives.

Please feel free to read some of the great articles on our site, and search for your old alumni and school friends.

At one time or another, we've all wondered what's happened to our old school friend. Sometimes it's out of pure curiousity & other times it's the desire to rekindle an old friendship. Before the days of the internet, it's been very tough to find our old buddies and make a connection. After all, our high school days, were certainly some of the most memorable of our lifetimes. We experienced things together, and shared many of the trials and tribulations that came with growing up. Our school buddies will remain a part of us forever, sometimes it's a nice thing to check out what their up to right now, even if we don't want to actually contact them. Other times it's a fulfilling thing to find an old high school friend and reconnect.

Many of us are just looking for old yearbooks and all the great pictures of our old alma mater, the teachers, the sports teams, the big and small events, and everything else that ended up in our high school class yearbook.

Whatever it is your looking for: a reunion, to reconnect with some old class friends, or just an old high school class yearbook, start your search right now!

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